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Capable leaders engage their teams, increase productivity and reduce talent turnover. Yellow Wagon improves the leadership skills within your organization by providing custom leadership training and coaching through:


Just because of their job title.

The difference between managers and leaders is their responsibility to produce change. Leaders create future viability for the organization by aligning people to the vision.

Good leaders contribute to happy employees, a safe space, and mutual respect. Great leaders move the dial on employee productivity, loyalty, vulnerability, empowerment, company revenue, and work-life balance. 

Are you, your team, AND your company ready for GREAT leadership? 

I help new and existing leaders and managers learn and create: 

* Rock solid employee engagement and retention plans

* A balanced, whole-person approach to navigating conflict and drama in the workplace

* An unshakable confidence handling difficult conversations

* Countless techniques to lead a team and report up 

* Teams and organizations that employees rave about 

* Confident leaders!

Yellow Wagon Leadership helps businesses and organizations experience positive, measurable changes in their organizations through:

Reduced stress
in the workplace

Happier, healthier
employees and leader

Reduced absenteeism 
and turnover

Higher productivity and company loyalty 

"Mary was able to help me organize my thoughts and focus in on what I wanted out of my current position. In our sessions, I was also able to work through strategies to deal with workplace conflict when the issues were levels above me in the organization. We discussed scenarios where I could be successful in getting the information and cooperation I needed to get roadblocks out of the way for my team and myself."

- Jodi
Technical Business Manager


A Few Happy Leaders

Cassye D.

Mary is 100% authentic in her coaching style. I go to her when I need the absolute truth and to be held accountable to do hard things. She's super intuitive and helps me to clear the path when I’m in my own way. Mary’s the best!


Nicholas K.

Mary facilitated an exceptional board retreat for my board of directors. Going through a bit of a culture change, Mary helped us to focus inward on our strategic objectives, prioritize the organization's needs, and helped to rekindle that fire which makes our organization so special.

Katy P.

Effective leadership is an inside job: our beliefs show up in how we interact with others. Mary Atchison and Yellow Wagon understand this at the core, and provide strategic, actionable guidance to raise our game as leaders. Yellow Wagon has made a huge difference for my and my company.


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