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Forming a work team that gels and produces is what every business leader wants. Not only does it make work more fun—it also makes the leader’s life easier!

However, we all seem to have the same problem; no one knows how to do that!

It begins with hiring great people.

People who are a great fit. People who have integrity. People who love what your business does, and who wants to help make it happen.

How do you attract those people and retain them?

This program walks you through the steps and processes for how to hire and retain the employees that are the best fit for your company.


Yellow Wagon has done the process work for you! This program walks you through each step in the attraction and onboarding process—the first steps in employee retention. We include:

  • How to create your ideal employee avatar
  • How to create jobs that people actually want to do
  • Steps to create an outstanding recruitment experience
  • Best practices for the interview process
  • How to decide who is the best fit for the job
  • How to onboard like a Rockstar

All the best tips and ideas in one usable package!


Those who use this process don’t have to recreate the hiring process for each new hire.

Attract + Retain allows you to streamline your hiring process—especially if your company is growing quickly.

Attract + Retain provides a uniform hiring process for all hiring managers within the company to ensure a high quality onboarding experience with every hire in every department.

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"Mary was instrumental to work with because we have several new supervisors who now, thanks to her hands-on training, have been provided with knowledge and methods to interact more effectively with their staff.  It was self-reflective for them to see how their management style can impact the team."


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