Bringing Your Team Back Together After Coronavirus

A One Hour Workshop for Leaders & Mangers to Confidently Manage Their Team Through Stages of Coronavirus

Are you a business owner or manager worried about whether making it through the Coronavirus will require you to make some changes in your business model and that seems overwhelming? 

As you plan for the future and coming back to work as a team, are you anticipating difficult decisions and you simply feel too exhausted to face it?

Business owners, managers, and leaders have all been working so hard to keep everyone safe and learn how to work apart due to the coronavirus and social distancing. When restrictions ease up in the future, do you know how you’ll bring your team successfully back together? 

Learn what you can do to adapt and strengthen your team by taking what you have learned through this experience and develop a ‘new normal’ in this one hour immersive workshop.

In this one hour workshop, you'll leave feeling confident about: 

What to consider about the timing of reopening offices

Safety practices to consider

How to help your team process what they went through

How to work with your team to reestablish best practices for your workplace

Steps to take to restart your business


This virtual workshop is only $29 for leaders and managers!


Learn how to reestablish a positive, healthy and effective work culture in the wake of COVID-19.