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Lead Your Team with Confidence

Learn skills that will immediately level up your leadership with The BOOST, the online course for small business leaders.

Learn how to develop your leadership skills to have happy employees, reduced turnover, increased productivity and an efficient company with The BOOST course.

As A Leader of A Team Do You:

  • Want to sleep at night? Go on vacation and know things aren’t going to fall apart?
  • Feel anxious when you have a difficult conversation with an employee?
  • Want to feel confident in leading your team?
  • Want to have employees who are raving fans of you as a manager and loyal to the business? 
  • Want to reduce turnover? 
  • Want to become an employer of choice that hires and keeps the best people?


To Boost Your Small Business Leadership Running a small business often doesn’t prepare us to deal with the challenges of leading a team of employees. In 8 steps, learn best practices of small business leadership, learn how to implement them in your business, and learn how to deal with issues and problems that inevitably come with creating a positive small business culture.

Step 1

 Your Business Vision

Step 2

 Clarify Your Values

Step 3


Step 4

What Do Your Employees Need

Step 5

Develop a Winning Corporate Culture

Step 6

Communicate with Intention

Step 7

Dealing With Problems

Step 8

Maintaining a High Level of Engagement


Whether you're a new leader or a seasoned manager, get a rock solid foundation of leadership skills that will improve your job, your team's performance, and contribute to your company's bottom line. 

This BOOST is designed to share useful, easy-to-follow information and assignments that will help you analyze your current leadership style and set achievable goals to improve your skills and bottom line.

Through 8 educational videos, Mary takes you through step-by-step methods to push your leadership to the next level while gaining confidence and fresh skills!


What you receive in The BOOST: 

  • 8 informative, educational videos
  • Note taking packet (PDF) to help you stay on track and prompt thought during the course
  • PowerPoint slides with video module to recap highlights
  • 8 detailed modules
  • Proven methods with skill-based materials 
  • Breakdown of theory into step by step action  
  • In depth education and practical application  
  • Countless tips, language examples, and techniques to use 

 Are you ready for that push in the right direction, the catalyst to ignite your motivation and move your organization forward? The BOOST is here for you!


This course teaches leaders and managers: 
  • The enhanced building blocks for leadership 
  • To shift your current perspective and approach to leadership
  • To identify what your employees really want from you and how to provide that
  • Actions to be a better leader to make your employees are more engaged 

"Mary was able to help me organize my thoughts and focus in on what I wanted out of my current position. In our sessions, I was also able to work through strategies to deal with workplace conflict when the issues were levels above me in the organization. We discussed scenarios where I could be successful in getting the information and cooperation I needed to get roadblocks out of the way for my team and myself."


Get The BOOST online course today.



  • 8 informative, educational videos
  • Note taking packet (PDF) to help you stay on track and prompt thought during the course
  • PowerPoint slides with video module to recap highlights

"Really the biggest advantage was to go into my first day with a clear path to short term goals and a plan for how to engage with my new team and a new organization. Very, very helpful!

With The BOOST, you'll be able to . . 

Improve your relationships with your team

Develop your skills to make difficult conversations productive

Increase your confidence with leadership decisions

Build your team’s employee engagement 

Evolve your approach of deal with challenging employees


Mary Atchison is Principal of Yellow Wagon Leadership, an organization committed to making work fun and rewarding again through better leadership. 

Mary was initially trained in systems therapy has over 25 years of leadership experience the public, private, nonprofit and foundation sectors. She has successfully trained and coached many leaders and seen the positive results in their work groups. Mary is passionate about positive, effective leadership. When not working you can find Mary on the running or biking trails around her home in Fort Collins, CO, cooking and gardening with her husband Larry, or spending time with her children and grandchildren.

  • Over 25+  years helping over 250 individuals, organization and teams to improve performance, increase productivity and to enjoy work more, feel more confident. 
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
  • Trained in human systems, family, organizations, and individuals
  • Topical expert speaker
  • Leads workshops and seminars


Yellow Wagon Leadership

Yellow Wagon Leadership is committed to making work exciting and fulfilling through better leadership. Leaders set the tone for the organization. Some people are natural leaders, but we all can profit from training and coaching focused on our leadership skills.

Yellow Wagon’s vision is for every leader to be amazing and inspiring. Our mission is to train every single person in a leadership position to be the very best leader they can be. Join us in making the world of work fun again!


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