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Do You Have a Holiday Hangover?

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

No…not the kind caused by too much drinking (although that may be there too!).

I mean the kind where you are exhausted from all the doing and having and cleaning and expectations, and now you need to get back to work–addressing all the things and tasks and people that have piled up waiting for the holidays to be over.

We hear all kinds of things about starting the new year fresh, with a new attitude, with a clean desk and with resolutions to make this year better than last. Wouldn’t that be wonderful??

But then, we get back to our desks after the holiday season, and we are slammed with the same issues, the same tasks, the same overwhelm (or even more) than we had before. So, we attack the pile in the way that we know how–like we always have. And unfortunately, that sets us on the path for creating the same year as last.


You’ve heard the saying “If you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting what you are getting”?

But we still have things to do, we still have goals to meet and a living to earn. So how can we do things differently so that we don’t get caught up in the same stress and tension we have now?

First, remember that you have created this situation. You are the one who has developed that way you work, and you are the one who can change it. For example, I worked with one leader who realized he had created a situation where his staff was misaligned to the point where he was doing all the things he hated doing, and was not freed up to exercise his superpower, which is designing new office buildings. We worked out new job responsibilities for his team, got the right people in the right seats, and my client has a new lease on life.

Recognizing where your ‘stuck points’ are and thinking in a new way about possible solutions is one way to make your life calmer and more what you want it to be.

Another way to address your hangover is to be more mindful of only doing one thing at a time. Scheduling your tasks and responsibilities on a calendar allows you to focus on doing that one thing in the time you have allotted to it. This can free up your mind from the ongoing background chatter reminding you of ALL the things that you should be doing. When you schedule your tasks you create the peace of mind that everything WILL get done in it’s own time.

Finally, what do you do with all those new year’s resolutions and goals you have set for yourself?

Break them down into actionable steps/tasks that can be done daily or weekly. Then schedule those tasks on your calendar to be done in their own time, with the focus they deserve. Start with the end in mind and work backwards to create concrete tasks that will eventually get you where you want to be.

For example, if you want to grow your gross revenue by 20% this year, what will get you there? You need to sell more. That means contacting new people. So, breaking that down into ‘contact 5 new people a week’ is a lot easier to measure and achieve than ‘grow my business by 20%’. You can schedule time weekly to contact 5 new people, get it done, and there…you are on your way!

Think about what in your life drives you crazy and what you simply need to change. Then set about to make the changes needed to create the life you want! It takes courage (and sometimes support) to make those changes, but you will be happier in the long run.

If you need help making those changes or even knowing what needs to be changed, let’s talk. Contact me at www.yellowwagonleadership.com.

If you have other ideas or proven methods for creating a life you love, I would love to hear them. Email me at [email protected]

“Decide what kind of life you want, then say NO to everything that isn’t it.”


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