How to Create the Change You Want to See in Your Life and Your Business

Jan 09, 2020

I know a person who wanted to lose some weight. So, she started making gradual changes to her eating routine. She stopped getting chips with her sandwich at lunch. She started taking some of her food home from restaurants rather than eating it all in one sitting. She started walking a couple of miles several days a week. Over a period of time, she had lost 10 pounds rather than the usual putting on a couple of pounds over the winter.

Another person I know felt financially pinched and wanted to have an emergency fund rather than continuing to charge up her credit card. Initially, she felt overwhelmed by the thought of saving three months of her salary. But, she committed to saving $50 every paycheck. She now has six weeks of her salary saved up and is working towards two months’ worth of savings.

Big improvements in your life don’t require drastic changes.

You can take baby steps and one by one, little by little, they add up to making a huge difference.


Want to improve the culture in your company?

  • Begin scheduling one on one meetings with your team members every couple of weeks. You can stagger them over the month so you aren’t doing all of them in one week.
  • Get four quarterly social events on the calendar this year.
  • Make a point to a say hello to each employee each day.

Doing any one of these things regularly can start you on the path of a better culture.

Baby steps.

Want to increase your sales this year?

  • Commit to (and schedule) two phone calls a week to current or former customers to thank them and ask for referrals.
  • Send one email a week to an ideal client and ask for a meeting. Follow up with a phone call a week later. Starting and maintaining this cadence throughout the year will get you in front of at least 30 new ideal clients.
  • Send out one additional marketing piece this year and follow up with a phone call to each person you sent it to.
  • Cultivate new referral sources by meeting with one new potential source per month.

Doing any one of these things consistently will increase your sales this year.

Baby steps.

  1. Decide the change you want to create in your life and/or business.
  2. Break down the behaviors it will take to create that change.
  3. Schedule those behaviors in your calendar each day or week. Then follow through.
  4. Gather support and cheerleaders as needed to keep it up.

Gradually over time, you will realize that you are creating the life you want.

How amazing is that???

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