Need Leadership Skills Fast?

Jan 27, 2020

When leading a team, it is often a challenge to know what to do when there is a problem. We try and fix it as best we know how, but usually, we don’t really know if there is a better way to solve an issue so that it truly goes away.

There is actually research out there about a lot of the problems that leaders face. Research about what works and what doesn’t. Practical ideas from other, perhaps more seasoned leaders about what works in any given situation.

For example, Josh, the founder and CEO of a small manufacturing company, was having trouble dealing with an employee who wasn’t getting much work done. When I asked him how he handled the situation, he replied “Not well.”


It turns out when Josh raised the issue with the employee, they ended up in a shouting match, and Josh fired him on the spot.

Josh really wished it hadn’t turned out that way. Not only did he feel completely out of control of the situation, he may have lost a potentially good employee. They guy had a lot of good skills, and Josh still doesn’t know why his productivity had dropped. And now, he has to find another good employee!!

There is good information and research available about how to handle problems with employees. I am just sorry Josh didn’t have the information at the time.

Yellow Wagon Leadership has pulled together a lot of research on leadership, and put it all together in a new online class called THE BOOST—and its goal is to BOOST your leadership knowledge in a practical, easy to use way.

THE BOOST was created to help you lay the groundwork for a positive culture, and then provides information about how to maintain that culture. There are short homework assignments to help you think through how the information applies to you and your business.

Running a small business often doesn’t prepare us to deal with the challenges of leading a team of employees. In 8 steps, learn best practices of small business leadership, learn how to implement them in your business, and learn how to deal with issues and problems that inevitably come with creating a positive small business culture. These detailed steps include: Your Business Vision, Clarify Your Values, Self-Awareness, What Do Your Employees Need, Develop a Winning Corporate Culture, Communicate with Intention, Dealing With Problems, and Maintaining a High Level of Engagement

Once you move through THE BOOST modules, you will have a great baseline knowledge of how to develop and lead the people side of your business. THE BOOST helps small business leaders and it also helps managers and supervisors gain the tools they need.

Click HERE to learn more about THE BOOST, and to register.