The Importance of Leadership Training

Jun 06, 2019

Are you uncomfortable supervising employees? Are the things that drive you crazy overwhelming?

According to Forbes, 58% of managers said they didn’t receive any management training. Most managers in the workforce were promoted because they were good at what they did, and not necessarily good at making the people around them better.

Often the result of this lack of real training is that employees become frustrated with mismanagement, and the new managers can feel like they aren’t good at their jobs.


This is unfortunate for everyone!

You have good people who could very well become stellar managers with the right training. You also may have great employees who leave because their supervisor is driving them crazy.

And, this is all costing the business big bucks. Every time you lose an employee, it can cost you a third to half that employee’s annual salary to replace her.

I recently spoke with a manager who never received leadership training. She is considering leaving her position because she doesn’t feel capable of providing her team members with what they need, and she dreads having to conduct upcoming annual reviews.

She is super stressed, and it is affecting her health.

At this point, a leadership class would be good, but because of her stress level, she really needs some one on one coaching to build her skills and her confidence.

Coaching can walk her through what is stressing her out, tease out her strengths and build on them, and also identify her challenges and address them. She can have someone with whom to talk over her real life experiences and gain an understanding of how to best address issues.

Considering the cost of turnover to the company, and the benefit of having engaged and happy employees (both financial AND emotional)—the small investment in leadership training and/or coaching will likely save the company money in the long run!