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Trust is based on positive communication. Here’s how.

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019


Successful companies, large and small, work to instill a culture of trust among their team. They know that it is very difficult to succeed when people do not trust each other because that results in things like gossip, backstabbing, undermining, politics, and, sadly—high turnover.

Trust takes a long time to build, and how you communicate is key to building and maintaining a high level of trust. Without positive and consistent communication it is almost impossible to develop trust. Here are some concrete ways to communicate that will lead to a high level of trust in your work place.

Communicate that you care.

  • You can do this by getting to know each person personally. What do they enjoy? What are they good at? Who are the people they care about and who care about them? Who are their pets?
  • Spend time with each of your people. Learn their strengths and weaknesses. Ask them what they need from you to help them be successful.
  • Meet with each one on one to talk about their work on a regular basis. When these conversations go well and are supportive they are one of the best tools you have as a leader.
  • Have fun and laugh with each person. Set the goal to learn to enjoy each person individually.
  • Apologize when you know that you did something not in line with your values or that was hurtful to someone.

Communicate what is important to you and be consistent.

  • What is it you would like from each of your people?
  • What is the culture you want to foster among the team?
  • What represents a good performance and how can each person provide that to you?

Communicate what is happening in the organization.

  • People can’t help you be successful if they don’t have the big picture. Provide them with as much information as you can—even the bad news.
  • When there is bad news, address it directly and let people know what it means for them. Discuss options, ask for input, ask for their help.
  • When there is good news, celebrate. That good news would likely not happen without your team, so celebrate them too.

Be honest, consistent, respectful, and appreciative.

Do not put down your team members or treat them like they are a piece of furniture.

Truly—if every boss did these things turnover would be reduced, people would be healthier and happier, and people would not hate their jobs. And I could retire!!


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