Don't be Disappointed--Be Clear

Apr 13, 2020

You know what doesn’t happen when we don’t get what we expect?? Disappointment. And resentment.

Those things lead to frustration, and that leads to anger. And often, blame. Then, it’s easy to fall into victim mode.

Sounds unpleasant…right?

This is a true pattern we play out in our families, with our friends, and also with our colleagues. Kind of one of the laws of relationships, if there were such a thing.

Which means—we need to be clear about what we expect, and communicate our expectations in a clear manner to those in whom we have expectations. Up front. Without playing games.

You only get what you expect when you are clear about your expectations.

“Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.”

This is a quote from Brene’ Brown that succinctly expresses what I am trying to say.

 Why is it unkind? Because it sets others up for failure. They can’t possibly meet your expectations if they don’t know what they are. And it sets them up for the relationship failure described above that makes them the bad guy.

Why is it kind? Because then, they can meet your expectations.

Clarity is always important in the relationships in our lives, and it is especially true now.

Your employees are working remotely, not working at all, or trying to do four people’s jobs at once to cover everything that needs to get done.

This is all new to them, and they need to know what you expect from them. What you see as the new normal for how you all work together.

This will help you get what you and your business need.

How to provide clarity??

  • “Here are my expectations and what I need from you right now. Can you do that?”
  • “If you don’t feel you can meet my expectations, what do you feel like you CAN do?”
  • And then have the conversation.

This is important, especially now, when everything is changing every single day.

Let me know if you have questions about this or if I can help.