In a Challenging Business Partnership?

Aug 19, 2020

Are you a partner in a business?

 How's that partnership going?

 Business partnerships are hard, and they can become conflicted. That happens for lots of reasons, and it always causes stress, frustration and heartache.

 Why do partnerships become stressful and run into trouble??

  1. Lack of clarity. People can get really enthusiastic and jump into a partnership without getting really detailed about what each person’s long-term vision is for the business. For example, if one person really wants to pull a lot of profit out of the business while the other wants to continually reinvest the profits, there will be arguments about that—I promise!
  2. Life changing events. Partners may start out on the same page, but over time, something may happen to one or both partners that changes their priorities. This can result in confusion and resentment, leading to conflict.
  3. Different priorities. One partner may be single and carefree, and want to sleep in and work in the afternoons. The other may be supporting a spouse and kids, so works long hours trying to grow the business. This is a recipe for resentment.
  4. Different leadership styles. Good cop/bad cop comes to mind here. When people have different ideas about the best way to get the most out of the team, that can cause a lot of issues.
  5. Lack of emotional intelligence. When one or both partners don’t work or play well with others, or don’t know how to talk through a disagreement in a healthy way, it is more likely that there will be frequent disagreements and a high level of drama within the business.

 These are just a few of the dynamics that cause stress in business partnerships. Each situation is unique.

 I specialize in working with partners to clarify and resolve issues so your business can thrive.

 If you are struggling in a partnership right now, contact me. I can help.